Fire Damage

 Although fire is a singular destructive action, it requires multiple mitigation services. For example water extraction, soot and smoke clean up, odor control, board up and pack out services. Some fires may even require mold remediation as well.

Emergency Response

Once your property is inspected for safety and structural integrity, board up procedures are initiated. This is done to secure the premises and protect it from weather elements. Early deodorization and engineering controls are implemented to minimize cross contamination of odors, soiling of smoke residues and to prevent any health related risks.


Following emergency services, we will establish communication with the insurance adjuster and the insured to determine what is salvageable and what is not. At this point we will begin to clean, pack out or simply remove contents from the property and place them in your desired storage location.  

Structure and Building Materials

Building structures and materials that are severely charred and deemed unsafe may require demolition and removal.

Cleaning and Deodorization

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Rebuilding your property back to its original state is the final step in fire restoration. Please inquire about our general contractor affiliates.