Office Hygiene

Maintaining a healthy and clean environment is crucial for employee performance. Limiting cross contamination between employees allows for a healthier and more productive work force. You can trust SSR to handle all your cleaning challenges for your office day to day needs. 


Office bathrooms and kitchen areas are the most frequented spaces at the office, therefore requiring special attention. SSR Cleaning Technicians are trained to ensure proper sanitation to help minimize health related illnesses. 

Carpet Cleaning and Vacuuming

Vacuuming and Air Filtration go hand in hand. SSR Back Pack Vacuums are the state of the art equipment that utilizes HEPA (high efficiency particulate air filtration) filtration to maximize air quality. Carpet cleaning is essential and its a great preventive measure. Don't forget that clean carpets  are a great look for any office space.

Office Cleaning Supplies

Here at SSR transparency in the types of products  we provide is key to earn your respect. We provide only green and biodegradable supplies. SSR is part of the ongoing solution to minimize our footprint on our world. 

Medical Facilities

Clean is not enough for the Health Care Industry and that is why SSR utilizes OSHA and CDC approved Virucidal, Bactericidal Hospital Grade cleaning agents. These cleaning solutions continue to disinfect far longer after they are applied than any other regular cleaning agent. Our cleaning practices meet plus exceed OSHA and Industry Cleaning Standards.