Smoke is a bi- product of an incomplete combustion that can produce gases and soot particles. Smoke damages include oily deposits and odors on fabrics, building materials and contents. Appropriate response time is essential to minimize odor and soot soiling to unaffected areas. 

Containment and Inspection

Containing and isolating the damaged area is the best way to prevent secondary damages to unaffected areas. Our Professional Restoration Technicians will inspect all damages to determine which cleaning techniques will be most effective in restoring your property. 


Cleaning Techniques

Depending on the severity of the smoke and soot damage, SSR will utilized some or all of these cleaning systems.

  • Dy Preconditioning Methods
  • Water Based Cleaning
  • Hepa Vacuuming 
  • Dry Sponge Cleaning 
  • Sealing and Painting

Odor Control

Ventilation and air filtration is key to minimizing secondary effects such as odors, airborne gases and carbon particles. SSR implements the use of Hydroxyl generators, ozone machines, ULV and thermal foggers to counteract odors caused by smoke and soot particles. We will set up Air Scrubbers with carbon and HEPA filters in and outside of the affected areas to assist in the removal of aerosolized particles that can be harmful to our health.